Rix Road Early Learning Centre | Buildings Of Impact - Alchemy Construct
6 Apr 2022

Project Update — Rix Road Early Learning Centre | Buildings Of Impact

Sheer joy! Seeing these little minds discovering the treasures we get to create.⁠

This feeling never gets old – it drives us to keep creating amazing spaces where people can thrive!⁠

Designed by CohenLeigh Architects and built by Alchemy Construct the brand new, beautiful Rix Road Early Learning Centre emerged from a country field in the centre of Officer – now perfectly encapsulating that child-like spirit while remaining modern and fresh thanks to its stunning design. Externally, the edges appear as though they are draped with a fluted, castle-like arched timber screen and the internals are open, light and spacious. It was designed to embed itself into a child’s imagination. 

Catering for 164 children plus staff, the new early learning centre is now a cornerstone for the local community of Officer and includes new program rooms, consulting rooms, community rooms, staff rooms, amenities, substantial landscaping works and large outdoor play spaces and car-parking areas. ⁠

It’s incredible to see buildings like this take shape and in use. Kinder and early learning centres provide education for those formative years and to be able to learn in buildings such as this, is an honour.⁠

When we showed this film to one of our PM’s today he said ‘man this just makes me want to keep building!’ It’s the whole reason we are all here doing what we do!⁠

Well done to everyone involved in this amazing project – Marty, Adrian, Petar, and team – such tremendous work!⁠

Architect: CohenLeigh Architects
Client: Cardinia Shire Council
Structural & Civil Engineer: Measure Engineering
Landscape Architects: Enlocus
Mechanical, Hydraulics & Electrical Engineering: Essential Services Engineering