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2 Oct 2023

News & Press — Wear Your Heart on Your Hat | Protecting Those Who Matter

Do you ever stop to think about the real weight behind the words, “get home safe” or “take care mate”?

When we think about safety at work, we generally think about wearing the right PPE and making sure that we’re working in a safe environment. But do we ever stop and think about those around us who are hoping for our safe return home at the end of each day?


Safety is more than just a hardhat or a high-vis vest. It’s more than a first aid kit or a poster on a noticeboard. Safety is a deeply personal commitment that extends far beyond the walls of the workplace or the borders of the job site – it’s about safeguarding the well-being of the people in our lives who matter the most to us.

October is National Safe Work Month. ‘A time to commit to building a safe and healthy workplace.’ And while the topic of safety should be one that we focus on daily – especially within our industry – National Safe Work Month is a time to reflect on our current safety practices and how we can continue to do better each and everyday – not just for ourselves, but also for our loved ones.

Queue Alchemy’s ‘Wear Your Heart on You Hat’ initiative.

“This message is from my daughter Goldie. All she wants is for me to come home safely and play – that’s all I want to do as well.” – Matt Allen, Project Manager

Recently, we asked our team members to have someone they love hand-write a heart-felt message that could be placed onto their hardhats as a permanent reminder to prioritise safety everyday. After all, workplace accidents don’t just hurt the body; they also wound the heart.

“For me, I think about my wife and my two wonderful kids – and having that at the forefront of my mind is going to make sure that I’m thinking about safety all the time.” – Daniel Morgan, Commercial Manager

While the message may seem simple, the profound impact a hand-written note of love from our children, parents, partner or friends can have on us is immeasurable. It is a reminder that safety is something that should always remain at the forefront of our minds – it’s a message to all that our safety extends beyond our physical bodies.

Acting safely each and everyday is an expression of love, responsibility and commitment to those who eagerly await our safe return home.

“I’m educating myself on safety every month, so I’m able to be more aware of my surroundings and I can see what other people are doing, and how I can implement better practices in my daily life on site.” – Emily Quick, Contract Administrator