We Are Proud Members Of Social Traders - Alchemy Construct
10 May 2022

News & Press — We Are Proud Members Of Social Traders

The business world is changing. For good.

At Alchemy, CSR is at the core of who we are and what we do, and we are delighted to announce that we have joined Social Traders as a member.


Social Traders is the national trailblazer of social enterprise procurement. They create a more inclusive and equitable Australia by making buying from social enterprise the norm, and they help businesses like ours do it.


Social Enterprises are businesses like any other, but they exist specifically to make the world a better place, creating a fairer and more sustainable Australia. That could be creating jobs for the most marginalised, providing services or protecting the environment. Businesses that buy from social enterprise procure quality goods and services, while buying community impact in the same transaction.

Our membership allows us to use certified social enterprises as part of our supply chain. They could be a recruitment company helping tackle systemic disadvantage through providing opportunities for highly skilled individuals not normally considered for roles, a catering company providing job opportunities for newly settled migrants, or a business selling and supplying toilet paper and giving 50% of profit to charity.

Social Traders will also help our focus on social procurement in the regions and locales where we build, to ensure right through the pipeline of our work we are connecting and using organisations and services doing business for good.

Social enterprises do three things:


  1. Have a defined primary social, cultural or environmental purpose consistent with a public or community benefit
  2. Derive a substantial portion of their income from trade
  3. Invest efforts and resources into their purpose such that public/community benefit outweighs private benefit


This is a hugely important step in the journey of our business at Alchemy, and we are very much looking forward to the impact we can make with the Social Traders team.