Changing The Landscape Of Construction Leadership - Alchemy Construct
19 Jul 2022

News & Press — Changing The Landscape Of Construction Leadership

How to build leaders – changing the landscape of Construction Leadership!

We are launching the first of our foundational leadership development programs.⁠

This investment is about expanding our leaders’ capabilities and challenging the way we look at building trust, connectedness, and performance.⁠

We start our approach with every current manager at Alchemy. You could be a Bid Manager, a Project Manager, an Office Manager, a Site Manager or a Marketing Manager.⁠

Managing and leading people is a privilege and an important responsibility. While focus is often spent on the subject expertise required for such roles, we also want to ensure that all our Managers are supported and equipped with the essential soft skills, the human skills, which we all require to lead – and that importantly, our Managers can see how their own style can help them to achieve high performance.⁠

We will create a line in the sand and continue to evolve and challenge some of the current industry paradigms from the inside out. ⁠

“Leadership development, whilst it often and primarily focuses on leading teams, is also about leading self. When we’re clear about what we stand for as leaders, we’re able to be the best and most honest version of ourselves for others. Taking a servant leadership position is powerful and creates a different level of connectedness” explains Murray, Head of People and Experience. “And, the key is to learn when to lead and when to be led!”⁠

Whether your role is predominantly site or office based, it is important to explore your individual leadership DNA. Developing your understanding of yourself as a leader through working with other leaders and exploring different situations together, is a critical component to achieving performance, for individuals, teams and the organisation. Our program centres on creating the space and time to think differently, put new skills into practice and very importantly, reflect on previous conversations, situations and outcomes. Sometimes we’ll need to reinvent conversations, and this takes thoughtfulness and one’s ability to reconstruct a new way forward.⁠

For us, it’s about building a leadership footprint for current and future leaders, ensuring that the soft skills (the essential skills), are at the absolute centre of how we operate as a company.⁠