Building  Maintence

The importance of professional building maintenance services cannot be disputed or diminished. No matter how structurally sound your building was at the time of its construction, everything is subject to the ravages of time - and age isn't the only thing that can compromise the structural integrity of a building or disfigure its exterior. Negligence, exposure to hard weather conditions, human error and calamities of both natural and human causes are some of the most commonest contributors to the deterioration of a building. Since inadequate maintenance can pose a serious threat to public safety, it is very important that you hire qualified specialists, like Alchemy Construct, to oversee the upkeep of your building. 


The maintenance checks carried out by Alchemy Construct are detailed and thorough. Our building services and maintenance teams evaluate the external facade of your building before they carry out a range of treatments and repair jobs to maintain its appearance. Since this part of your building is constantly exposed to heat, cold, wind, and water, it is the portion of your building likeliest to need frequent maintenance.

Not all inspections are carried out for cosmetic reasons. By conducting regular and in-depth inspections, Alchemy Construct can detect structural weaknesses in your building before they become a safety threat. These weaknesses are often invisible to the untrained eye and their identification can frequently necessitate professional assessment.

In addition to maintaining the exterior and interior appearance of your building and rectifying structural weaknesses, our services cover the examination of your essential safety measures. Given that a fire can break out at any time, everything that constitutes your fire protection system – from fire extinguishers, safety doors, and sprinkler systems, to smoke detectors, emergency exits, and fire alarms – should always be fully operational. Our services include (but are not limited to) checking the expiration dates of fire equipment, assessing the viability of escape routes, ensuring the optimal positioning of extinguishers, and inspecting early warning systems amongst others.

The team at Alchemy Construct is well informed and is aware of all legal obligations that you, as a building owner or manager, hold. We ensure that your structure is always compliant with all relevant legislation, safeguarding the occupants of the building from hazards and you from litigation.


The building maintenance solutions devised at Alchemy Construct help operations run with maximum efficiency and at minimum expense. As a construction company, Alchemy Construct understands the industry very well. Our team members have decades of experience assessing buildings and know exactly what to look for. With the knowledge and experience they bring to the table, you are assured reliable, quality services that will explore and evaluate every component of your structure.

Construction Managment

Integrated construction management services are vital to the success of any construction project. To ensure that your project is a viable one and unfolds exactly within the parameters you have delineated, Alchemy Construct offers you the services of its versatile staff. Their experience and knowledge, acquired from a multitude of projects of different types and sizes, is holistic and exhaustive. Their resolute commitment to cliental objectives also means that we oversee every facet of your project every step of the way – making sure that the work you receive is held up to the highest standards of quality possible.

Our specialists will provide you with services that will oversee the coordination and planning of your project from start to finish. Their skills extend to the adept management of time, cost, quality, safety, and human resources. This enables them to streamline processes, improve efficiency, identify, assess, and circumvent risks, sequence construction, demolition, or refurbishment plans, make key decisions confidently, and monitor project progress amongst other tasks.


The construction manager assigned to your project by Alchemy Construct will work closely with you to understand your needs. He or she will be able to:

  • Specify project objectives and draw up feasible plans in accordance with your budgeting, scheduling, and spatial limitations
  • Select Grade A subcontractors and engage trusted suppliers to ensure the integrity and quality of your project
  • Define the obligations, roles, and responsibilities of team members in addition to drawing up the management structure of the team
  • Manage all documentation, procure building and planning permits for the project, and arrange for a building assessment by a Registered Building Surveyor
  • Orchestrate the deployment of resources effectively to ensure minimum wastage and maximum utilization
  • Construct a project-specific quality assurance system to regulate and improve the output of the project workmanship
  • Implement an Occupational Health and Safety Plan that complies with the requirements stipulated by law to ensure the safety of the project site and protect you from litigation
  • Establish or refine protocols to facilitate conflict resolution, clear communication, and individual accountability

As professionals with decades of collective experience in the construction industry, our work processes have been refined and redefined over the years so that they benefit the environment as much as they do our clients and ourselves. Our award-winning methods and measures take the long term impact of construction activity on the environment into account and strive to minimise the imprint your project leaves on the planet.

Alchemy’s Construction Management solutions have been availed of by a wide variety of clients, giving our construction managers the knowledge and experience required to adapt themselves to any situation or environment they are presented with. Contact us for more details on what our construction management services entail and how we can make your project an exceptional one.

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Fit Out, Refurb & Construction Services

We at Alchemy Construct believe that every project is unique. This belief shapes the way we approach, design, and execute each project. The expertise we lay claim to is the accumulation of experience gathered under diverse conditions, across different facilities, and within a variety of environments. The resultant versatility makes us uniquely qualified to handle challenging projects with complex requirements and constraints.


Alchemy carries out a meeting with all relevant stakeholders as part of the pre-planning for each project. To increase the effectiveness of the project, our specialists draw up and populate calendars in advance. This detailed planning ensures that we use our resources optimally and finish the project within the financial restrictions set, according to the client’s specifications, and inside the time frame allocated.

Whether replacing furniture, installing bespoke ceilings, altering lighting, or treating a room’s acoustics, our upgrades will fit into place seamlessly. We take all the needs of our clients into account and abide by systems tailored to their specifications to ensure high quality results. The team we put together for each project will only comprise members we know are suited to that particular environment and surroundings. Our employees are well-rounded, experienced, and flexible, and our site management methods adaptable. This helps alleviate any pressure that the project might otherwise yield.


We excel at working under difficult circumstances, including in live environments. While the majority of our work is scheduled ‘out of hours’ and takes place during night shifts, we are able to work in live environments during the day without inconveniencing people or disrupting the functioning of daily activities. Our teams are not just chosen for their skills and competence, but for their courtesy, consideration, and integrity as well.

We succeed in being inconspicuous by familiarising ourselves with neighbouring facilities, planning our approach in advance to maximise efficiency, monitoring our noise levels, storing all material responsibly, and coordinating fit out, construction and refurbishment activities with our teams, external subcontractors and suppliers.

We have several security protocols in place to ensure the safety of people at our project sites. Alchemy Construct’s Occupational Health and Safety system complies with the specifications outlined in AS4801 and received its accreditation from the Office of the Federal Safety Commission. Our Occupational Health and Safety Management Plan is kept on site and is adhered to it at all times by all of our employees.


The specialist services of Alchemy Construct include the provision of a premium soft strip out solution for the demolition and clearance of site-specific commercial and retail projects. Our experienced managers, dedicated workers, meticulous plans, and coordinated efforts ensure that your project is executed quickly, efficiently, and with minimum disruption to the schedules of people who operate in the immediate vicinity.

We tailor our approach to suit the location and environment in which our projects are based. Our demolition and removal teams pay close attention to the structural integrity of the buildings we work on since this is crucial for both the safety of people and the success of the project. Poorly reinforced buildings or structures that have been damaged through negligence or exposure to the elements are identified and their defects assessed before we begin work. The demolition is carefully co-ordinated to avoid inconveniencing people. With our accredited Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) procedures in constant effect, this guarantees a safe and secure work environment.


At the Pre-Start meeting, Alchemy Construct presents its Project Access & Methodology Plan to all stakeholders for a detailed review. Once approved of, Alchemy assigns a project site manager, foreman, and work team to the project. Each of them is briefed thoroughly on the project and made familiar with the existing structure of the building, its strengths, and its weaknesses. Every architectural component is explored and evaluated before any demolition and strip out work begins.

In live environments, the familiarity of our team members with the existing infrastructure of the building, its services, and its surrounding environment translates to quick, efficient, and inconspicuous work that avoids public routes and contact.

Our plans include sequencing the demolition process, chartering access routes for the removal of material, selecting options for transporting those materials to their designated location, identifying location-appropriate and project-specific equipment to avoid damaging existing landscape, and co-ordinating activities between different teams and different operations. We only work with A-Grade Sub-Contractors who are made familiar with the infrastructure of the building and the project’s requirements.


The teams at Alchemy Construct are trained in our ways and are familiar with our OH&S Plan. This plan – accredited by the Office of the Federal Safety Commission – is kept on site at all times along with the Site Safety Plan and OH&S Files. Our project site manager also arranges regular contact with cliental security to ensure both the safety of people and the smooth functioning of the project.

Site Demolition & Strip Out

The turnkey fit out solutions at Alchemy Construct are designed to give business owners, landlords, and developers the ultimate solution for constructing buildings that are completely perfect and perfectly complete.


At Alchemy Construct we use the freedom that turnkey fit out projects bring us to integrate innovation with dedication, creativity with productivity, and direction with perfection.

The results of our workmanship are invariably structurally sound and aesthetic buildings with equally impeccable ambiences. We accomplish this by harnessing the talent of our multifaceted architects, designers, and decorators, and pairing them with superior technology, quality material, and experienced project managers.



You’ll never have to deal with stressful conflicts, make uninformed choices, or coordinate the activities of multiple service providers. Our turnkey services begin when we draw up the designs and end when we have furnished the rooms. When we are done, your building will be ready to work or live in.


We make sure that everything we do complies with the Building Code of Australia. Our Occupational Health and Safety system has been accredited by the Office of the Federal Safety Commission and our Quality Assurance system meets the prerequisites set down by the International Organisation for Standardisation and Australian Standards, including those outlined in ISO9001:2008, AS/NZS4801:2001, and ISO14001:2004. We know what tiny details to pay attention to, what vital measures to take, and what it takes to make a good job an exceptional one.


With over 60 years of combined experience in the construction industry, our directors, who involve themselves personally in every project we handle, ensure that everything designed, constructed, and fitted out by Alchemy Construct is compatible with our reputation for excellence. We leverage their familiarity with the industry to ensure consistently high customer satisfaction.


We have lasting and established relationships with tried and trusted suppliers. Their reliability and our experience with their products and services means that we always complete projects on time according to all specifications and within all restrictions. Our environmental policy means that we also do everything to minimise our impact upon the environment.


Whether it is the foundation, the flooring, or the furnishing – we attend to every detail, and look into every component that makes up your building. We hold the skills of our team, the material from our suppliers, and the technology we use to develop and implement designs up to exacting standards.

Alchemy Construct’s full Turnkey Office Design & Build fit out solution has everything any business could need under one roof. Please contact us for more information about our services.

Turnkey Fit Out Solutions