The Alchemy Construct Quality Assurance System assesses and addresses every component of the projects we handle. As a part of our standard operating procedure, we develop and implement a Quality Management Plan specifically tailored to meet the needs of our clients in order to ensure project completion as per contract conditions.

Our Quality Assurance System includes the regular evaluation, refinement, and supervision of all construction activities. It complies with the prerequisites set down by the International Organisation for Standardisation and Australian Standards, including those outlined in ISO9001:2008, AS/NZS4801:2001, and ISO14001:2004.


Our trained team members are fully aware of their obligation to adhere to the Quality Management Plan. Their duties are performed in accordance with these regulations and their output is periodically assessed. This ensures that irregularities, should they occur, are rectified in a manner that does not affect the timeline or success of the project. The applicability of our AS-compliant Quality Management system is not just limited to the activities of our own personnel, but extends to the services of our suppliers and subcontractors as well.


The Quality Management Plan developed by Alchemy Construct incorporates stringent measures that result in high quality workmanship. The plan is kept on site and reviewed regularly throughout the course of the project. Our project team implements an exact approach to Quality Assurance, with all aspects being analysed and managed very closely.

Our project team members are specifically trained to identify and manage defects and we ensure the selection of Grade A subcontractors and suppliers who can do the same. As already stated, there is an ongoing commitment to check and pick up any defective work or materials as soon as they are brought to site (or before). In this way the defects are dealt with during the project and not left until the end. This approach allows us to focus on project close-out items, such as commissioning and collating O&M manuals and as-built drawings.

We utilise our tailored Contractors App defects software to compile and manage irregularities. This is made available for integration to the design team. We have a policy of No Defects at PC and pride ourselves in being hands-on and across the detail at all times.

Shop drawings and as-built drawings are checked by our project team prior to being sent on to consultants for their review. This allows us to eliminate the small mistakes made by subcontractors. Our qualified and competent CAD technicians and design manager cross-check all documentation before issue.

We also take the time and financial requirements of these inspections and evaluations into account, particularly those carried out at the completion of the project. This ensures that all projects handled by Alchemy Construction are executed with maximum efficiency, yielding significant, high-quality results.