The Occupational Health and Safety system of Alchemy Construct complies with the specifications outlined in AS4801. It received its accreditation from the Office of the Federal Safety Commission which sets the most stringent standard attainable in the Australian building industry. All our systems have been developed and refined to ensure complete adherence to these two safety standards. In addition to this, each member of our staff has been trained to use our system and has access to all relevant information through our File share, available at every Project Site Office.

Alchemy Construct establishes Occupational Health and Safety by adhering to this standardised and approved system through all phases of the project site work. The safety measures that we operate in accordance with place appropriate controls to oversee all aspects of the project. This includes Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS), permits, risk assessments, and the storage and handling of hazardous material, amongst others.

In addition to defining the responsibility and accountability of our staff, we review and amend the structure of responsibility and accountability as required. We provide all the resources and finances necessary to assure effective Workplace Health & Safety. The allocation of sufficient resources is essential for maintaining and improving our system. Appropriate external resources by way of nominated consultants are therefore made available where required.

Alchemy Construct manages the preparation, communication, and consultation of Safe Work Method Statements for all High Risk Construction Work in accordance with Occupational Health & Safety Regulations. We maintain copies of all current SWMS for review by the Principal or SI. Each project is assigned a Safety Officer who reports to the project manager and undertakes the implementation and monitoring requirements of the Site Safety Plan with the assistance of other members of the project team. The company’s OH&S policies are clearly communicated and made accessible to all the employees involved in a project. We also ensure that all our sub-contractors are responsible and that our work complies with the agreed system identified in the SWMS.